Monday, May 08, 2006

Time just flies by!

This weekend is mothers day!!! Panic? Me? YES!!!
I have no idea what to get for my mum in this short time. I thought about knitting her a doily(2 months back and forgotten), sew her some grocery bags(1 month ago and forgotten too) or knit her a tank top(1/2 month ago and forgotten too!).
Now, this week is packed with things I need to do for courses. I'll have homework in math, have to prepare for the math test(which is on the 19th and I don't know a bit about it), have to redesign+add features to our webpage-project(yes, that's for university too), have to call my physics prof to get an exam date... list goes on and on!

Knitting wise I have completed the silk sweater, socks for my mother and dyed some yarn. Pictures once I find the time...


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