Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Shawl Pins and SP7

The pals for Knitty SP7 have been assigned and my SP even got into contact today!
I mailed my downstream SP, but I have to put aside any thoughts about what to get for her untill atleast next week. Remember, the math test and a presentation...

I looked into shawl pins this week. There are several different styles and price categories.
My favourits are these:
and theseör&t=temgroup (scroll down a bit)

The last one I could afford, the first ones no way! They are however reasonable priced, but I'm a student and 20+$ are much for me. So after an extensive google/ebay search I found out that the pins used are similar(if not equal) to kilt pins! I even found a german ebay supplier!
Now, I think I'll need a real round nose plier.


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