Friday, June 09, 2006

I'm back!

Back online that is. On tuesday while surfing the net and finding out that Wollknoll carries lamb wool(so going to buy some next month!), the internet connection broke! Hearing my mum on the phone calling her friends name("Hello XXX? Are you still there? Hello?!!...")and my brother cursing(sorry, I'm soooo not repeating what he said) I realized in slight shock it wasn't just my computer. The whole stuff was down!
What has happened you might ask? Well on Wednesday we should have changed to a new rate with our internet/phone company. Apparently they changed the connection a day before or better to say they disconnected us on tuesday afternoon and reconnected us on Wednesday morning!!! To say we were pissed doesn't really grasp it.
Wait, that's not the best part of it all. While we where without any connection on tuesday, my mum called the "service" center to find out a)that girl has no idea why we have no connection and b) we'll need a new modem and splitter in order to use there new service! "Upps, the modem hasn't been send to you already?" AARRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!
We got it yesterday evening, 18:00! The phone somehow functioned, but no internet for two days, almost three!
It really makes you think about your addiction/dependence of the net. Honestly, apart from not being able to check my mail and blogs and forums, I also couldn't check when my bus leaves, whether PayPal had received my money(did arrive this morning, another ARGH!-moment), get the next math homework etc.

Back to knitting tomorrow.


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