Saturday, June 03, 2006

No more yarn for me

There, I wrote it. No more yarn purchases for me this month. I just placed an order for 1,5 kg sock yarn(200g for my mum) and that's it. No shady excuses like "oh,but it would be nice for my SP" or "but it's on sale".
I've got enough yarn and projects for the next 3 months and there are other things I really need to buy this month. Like a new pair of jeans. Yesterday I was standing in front of the big mirror in my brothers room and realized that my jeans suck. They don't fit tight at all, but look like baggy pants!
As for my SP, well I'm going to knit her something out of stash yarn. Really shouldn't be that hard with my stash!

Edit two hours later:
I found a jeans for 9.90€!!! At H&M they have this one day discounts and today it was 30€ off this jeans! It fits, is NOT low cut and reaches my ankles! That would mean more money for, I stick to the no more yarn buying thing.
What I really need are some books to read. I refound my love for discworld novels and surprisingly only own about 5 of them in english! The other 5 are in german(brought more than 7 years ago when my english wasn't as good as it is now) and I don't like the translations at all. A lot of the funniness(is that even a word?) gets lost in these translations and though that isn't much of a problem for most books, it is for Pratchett!
I know that I read a lot more Pratchett books, but I guess I got them from the library back then. I'm aiming at having the full collecting till the end of this year. That's not too much since I only buy paperbacks(easier to read while traveling or taking a bath ;-) ).

Knitwise I've almost finished my mothers top and will post a pic once it's finished(my prediction is tomorrow). Next is my pink cardi and a secret project(so no pics of that). I'm thinking about joining the Knitting World Cup , but I don't know with which project. I wanted to knit the Schachenmayr sweater next and it's kind of a challenge with the lace pattern, but not much for me...
I want to try out beaded knitting, but I guess the new no-yarn-buying-thing(aka nybt) also includes not buying beads for knitting(and I don't thing there's yarn for bead knitting in my stash anyway). I also don't think it would take the whole time of the world cup to knit it.

Edit 2:
Speaking of Pratchett, check this out:
knitted DEATH of Rats with pattern! I'm sooooo going to make one!


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