Thursday, June 01, 2006

knitting jewelry

You probably remember my post about the shawl pins and how I had a great idea to make my own...
Well, I should have known better! It's not as easy as I thought and I think that the woman who makes those markers either uses pins with thinner metal, has them made like that or has equipment I obviously don't have!
But I'm going to use the kilt pins I brought anyway and for 4,50€ incl. postage for 4 pins(the fifth was the test one that is now ruined...) it's a bargain nevertheless.
They are also great to hold stitch markers! I got one from purlpower when she was my SP.

But this little setback won't stop me making shawl pins. I already have another idea which includes wooden dowels and Fimo! More about that after the weekend.

I also went to the bead shop today where I spend aprox. 45min and chose a bunch of pretty beads to make stitch markers. Unfortunately they only had some rather expensive rings(what ever those are called) for 40cent. So I'll have to go to the other bead shop tomorrow where they only cost half. Yes, I know the difference of 20 cents doesn't seem much, but I need 30 and that makes a difference of 6€!!!
Can't show you the beads or the markers cause I'm going to send some to XXX and XXX and probably XXX ;-)

P.S.: Got a new computer mouse!


Blogger PURLPOWER said...

Great idea on the shawl pins. Have a look at some of these available from Get Knitted in the UK, perhaps it will give you inspiration!

12:40 PM, June 03, 2006  

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