Tuesday, June 06, 2006

summer for real now!

Atleast that's what the radio weather guy said(he'll be REALLY sorry if it's not true!). Ok, the sun shines, temprature rose a bit and the dark cloudes disappear slowly. Maybe he is right...

On sunday I went to two fleamarkets alone. Yes, alone because my dad had to work and my mum didn't want to spend money for a train card. I've got one anyway and nothing better to do.
I got these three fabrics(as if I haven't enough) and a book with cute crochet animals for 4€! I don't think I'm going to crochet even one of the animals, but they give very clear instructions on how to create them from basic shapes, so I can create my own!

Next a picture of my mum's finished top. It fits her perfectly! I had to convince her that it's really long enough and that 5cm extra wouldn't make her look weighting 1g less, more the opposite is true. It was one of the most boring projects I ever knitted! The stripes were only frustrating as I couldn't figure out a nice way of carrying the strands up and only made two striped of each color anyway.

And finally the second and successull attempt at making my own shawl pins! This is only a test piece to see how it would look and hold up. So I only used Fimo from an old project. Surprisingly the fimo was still soft and easy to work with! I'm going to make a couple of more of these!


Anonymous Sandra said...

I really like top for your Mom! That shape is perfect for every ocasion and for everyone! Looks like top down, right?

7:27 PM, June 06, 2006  

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