Tuesday, June 13, 2006

No more sock yarn needed!

I've been stalking the postman yesterday and when he finally rang, I sprinted down the stairs to greet him ;-) (he was rather happy about it, we're living on the third/fourth floor!). I originally thought it might be my SP's package, but it was the sock yarn I had ordered from socken-wolle! Really fast shipping if you calculated into the time it took my bank to make a transfer to PayPal(arghhhh).
The yellow-orange on the left and the dark one are my mum's, the other is all mine, though I'm thinking about sending a skein or two to my downstream SP or my kh-swap partner...

I had the car last week for a few days and of course went to wolland and brought some yarn and a pin/brooch for shawls!

And finally my Knitting World Cup team, the Avior sweater! I already completed the front, back and one sleeve. The second sleeve is almost done too! It's not soo much a quick knit, I just knitted much more.


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