Thursday, September 28, 2006

Cleaning up AGAIN

It really is a neverending story; a sisyphus task keeping my room clean and in order. I always envy people whose rooms are clean and stay that way. But they probably don't have a ton of hobbys and don't collect things. Well, I do and I take that as an excuse for my untidy room together with the fact that the room isn't much bigger than a prisoners cell.
Anyway, do any of you watch Gilmore girls? If you do, do you remember the episode where Rory shows her grandfather her room and he comments that a few classics are missing in her book collection and then she starts to open drawers etc to reveal her whole collection? I loved that scene, because if I could afford it, my room would be stuffed with books just the same! I love to read and I think I wrote before that I used to buy books instead of toys at a young age. I'm also uncapable of parting with any books I own, even if I don't like them and only read the first chapter. I just can't! But I needed to find a new place for a couple of my books, these(top shelf):

It might not be that visible in the photo, but it was beginning to bend a bit in the middle, always a worrying sign ;-)
An hour later, the books found a new home here(see there was more than one reason for the Gilmore reference):

I'm still a bit worried about my other book shelves which are mounted over my bed directly where my head rests when I sleep! I reduced the books up there and tried to distribute the weight over the whole length, but it's still worrisome(note, you can only see the first row of books, there's actually another row behind this).

No knitting content, sorry.
But have you seen these. Nothing wrong with knitting or crocheting toys, but using Tilli Tomas Silk Chenille...Silk Toys!?!! It's a toy for heaven's sake, the kid will play with it! I wouldn't buy a toy for 52$ if I had a kid.
This goes along a couple of other knitting projects and tools that I have seen recently where I really ask myself what kind of person buys that? And most importantly: Why?



Blogger Kathy S. said...

Just wait til you get a bigger space. It will fill up faster than --insert clever homespun simile here.

4:16 PM, September 30, 2006  

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