Monday, September 25, 2006

quite long post

Yes, I live in Germany, but no I have never ever worn a dindle in all my life and actually know nobody who ownes a Lederhose(correct that, we had a weirdo teacher who wore one once when...embarassing to say the least). Why? Because different from what people outside of Germany might think, Germany does not equal Bavaria!
I live in Northern Germany and despise recent affords with festivals ala Oktoberfest with bavarian themes parties and such, I have managed to stay away from them.
But I couldn't resist joining the Socktoberfest...knitting is a true addiction, no need to explain further.
So what kind of socks will I knit? Most likely these. Yes, they are even called Bayerische...shame on me...
Edit: On second thought-after starting to knit it- maybe I'm not a patterned socks person. Ok truth be told, I ended up with two extra stitches after the first patterned row. I have no idea why,either increased too much or made a mistake in the patterned row, but my guess is the first. I decided to frog the sock. Yes, I could try again, but these are just too difficult. I could probably manage to knit them, but it would take me ages.
Edit2: I think I'll give the Snowflake Lace Socks from magknits a try. I really want to knit patterned socks, it's just when I actually begin knitting them that I seem to get frustrated/bored with them. Anybody feel the same?

I also finished another pair of socks for me:

And inbetween learning I somehow managed to knit this gigantic thing:

What this is? see for yourself:

It's a bag! It's kind of inspired by the Booga bag and it's instructions, just a lot bigger. The yarn is Sansibar from Lang Yarns which is very much like Landscape from Lion Brand according to pictures I have seen. My mum really likes the bag, but there's noway she's getting it ;-)

Currently on the needles is a scarf in the same yarn I knit Tubey with. I have 3,5 skeins left-over and needed a quick mindless knit. Plus I have no idea what to knit next! I searched through my yarn, looked through a couple of mags, but found no real inspiration. I have a few shawls/lace scarves I want to knit, but don't have the yarn in the right color or amount. And actually do I need another lace shawl? Probably not.
I have a couple of yarns that were brought to knit tank tops, but it's fall and one doesn't really need them now.
I also have enough yarn to knit a sweater, but I'm uninspired as what kind of sweater to knit...
...I probably should just quite knitting for awhile and finish some sewing projects...except for socks of course as I need something to do when watching tv. I don't seem to be able to watch tv without knitting anymore! Is that a bad habit?

Tatjana is holding a 'Remember when I loved _____?' contest and I thought I would give it a try. Quit difficult to remember and Johnny Depp or Keanu Reeves are not really embarassing. But wait, as a little kid I had a crush on that boy from the neverending story movie, now what was his name?
Jonathan Brandis:
Upps, he commit suicide, didn't knew that!

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Blogger PURLPOWER said...

I hope you will be supping some fine German beer while knitting for socktober fest! I plan to visit Germany at least once in my life for the Bavarian beer alone.

6:12 PM, September 26, 2006  
Blogger Whimsical Knitting said...

I didn't know that guy had died! How sad!
I'm loving your socks! Have socktoberfest fun!!
Thanks so much for treasure hunting!

9:51 PM, September 26, 2006  
Blogger Sharon G. said...

I didn't know he killed I went to junior high school with a boy who looked just like him, and I had the biggest crush on the poor boy. lol.

Your socks and bag are fabulous!

6:34 AM, September 27, 2006  

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