Saturday, September 16, 2006


Third try: Making a shawl pin
This time using brass wire I found at the hardware store while searching for cork to make my own pinboard(didn't find anything suitable).
Thanks to this great tutorial my first try almost looks like a real pin, a bit deformed, but a pin nonetheless.

Consequently the second try was much better. Still a bit wonky, but if in use you can't see it at all!

There would have been a third pin by now, but my fingers hurt a bit from bending the wire. It was quite a wrestling thing to get the wire to take the shape I wanted especially bending one end around the pin(left in the pics).
Nevertheless once my financial situation has sorted(mid-october most likely) I will definately buy one of the cool pins from Chris. Have you seen the sheep pins?!! Or the dragonfly pins?!!

I haven't learned much yet for several reasons unrelated to the crafting(and knitting btw.). I had major headaches and cramps; yepp, it's that time of the month. Once my exams are over and I have a bit more time, I'm definately going to pay a doctor a visit...

Anyway, I also finished knitting the purple sweater, but it will need a lot of blocking right now. The arms are a bit too short and my knitting is more uneven then normally. The Shine Sport was quite slippery, but so worth it!

I also decided that I won't send my friend a bag. She would have to get it back to Germany and before she left already complaint about how she should get everything back again. So she's getting a homesickness-package instead filled with german goodies and an article about Hamburg ;-)

P.S.: my dad is the worst sick person ever! He's acting like a little kid! We're talking about a grown man, who despite his several health issues in the past few years still looks intimidating according to various of my friends(he's really nice though). Honestly, one more stupid question of him or an "I won't go to hospital tomorrow if I don't feel better" and I'm going to scream! Yes, it's probably just a cold, but it could also be something else! [for example malaria though highly unlikely now]

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Blogger AmyP said...

Those pins look great - especially for your first attempt!

8:48 PM, September 17, 2006  
Blogger Yarngirl said...

The pins came out great!!! Definitely keep making those - they're lovely!

12:48 AM, September 18, 2006  

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