Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I'm a huntress!

The scavenger hunt by Rebecca was a lot of fun! My initial goal was to get all blog pictures, but learning for this exam kept me from it.
The exam will be at 10:30 today and actually I have to leave in an half hour. I'm a lot more relaxed this time, because I don't think I'll pass. I now understand it all which is great, really. I never thought I would understand all this stuff ever. But I didn't had enough time to memorize everything. I barely had two weeks and couldn't learn every day due to...well, there wasn't really a reason other than that I'm not capable of learning every day. If I pass I just had a lot of luck and probably remembered more than I do know, which is very unlikely. Not really a problem though I can repeat the exam. Plus half of the people I know need or needed more time to complete their Vordiplom.

Edit: blogger didn't let me post this before leaving. Well, I'm back now and failed just like expected(though there was a tiny glimmer of hope). Yes, the very first exam I ever failed. I don't even remember the last time in school I got a 5(excluding PE). I had a complete black-out and couldn't get the easiest things right. The first half was ok and if I had continued like that I would have passed though just barely. But after the black-out I didn't remembered a thing. When I left the room I knew I had failed. Before I'm going to try it again, I'll definately learn together with a fellow student, problem I don't know anyone who hasn't already passed this exam!

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Blogger Whimsical Knitting said...

I'm so sorry about the exam :( The important thing is that you said you finally understand that which the exam is covering! That means a LOT and it is the reason you are there, to learn. I agree, you will learn more studying with another student, you can make pre-exams for one another, etc.

I'm so happy that you played the huntress with me!

10:33 PM, September 27, 2006  

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