Sunday, September 10, 2006

fleamarket finds don't count... any kind of yarn diet! Yes, that's the truth and I'm sticking to it, besides nobody could have past that bargain. But first things first: weatherman/lady your in trouble should I ever meet you! They said that the saturday would be a wonderfull sunny day in WHOLE wasn't at the coast! It didn't really rain as in getting totally soaked, but there was more than just a few drops which sucks when going to a fleamarket especially when you're only wearing a light cardigan over a dress(fortunately I was wearing some linnen pants too). I made some great bargains nonetheless. My mum on the other hand only brought some self-made bread ;-)
Here is a pic of it all:
There's a whole plastic bag with undyed yarn(it's not as white as in the pic) which is probably cotton or a cottonmix. Haven't weighted it yet, but I guess it's about 1kg for 6€!!!
And finally I found a pot for dyeing yarn. It's really hard to find a bigger pot at the fleamarket and I didn't wanted to buy a new one just for yarn dyeing.
There's also two needle cases with DPNs and circulars together for 4€! The woman was a friend of my mum's cousin's wife, so we got them for less ;-)
Having just envied the vintage bags at that website I just had to buy the one you can see in the pic for 1,50€! I really love fleamarkets, don't know what I would do without them!
There's also a brooch which is actuall a birthday present for me from my mum, so theoratically I would have to wait untill I can use it...
At the bottom are a few postcards and notepads with pictured/prints of Cuxhaven/the coast.
Here are a few close-ups:

After yesterdays scores it was inevitable that today I wouldn't find much. I only brought this needle case which is for straight needles...yes, I know I just sewed one and I don't own that many straights anyway, but it's kind of cute and I just had to buy something...



Blogger mf said...

great finds ;o)

5:42 PM, September 10, 2006  

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