Thursday, September 07, 2006

cleaning up my closet

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Unbelievable how much yarn I have and there's another big plastic bag and one small box in my mum's closet! I have sorted out alot, three bags of junk and one bag each of fabric and yarn to put up on Ebay or freecycle, haven't decided yet.
Once I have more time I'll sort through my whole yarn and fabric stash, but that could take some time. [totally forgot to add in the pic: there's another box with craft supplies under the fabric box!]

Otherwise I spent the last hour browsing through this website. OMG, I love this vintage stuff! Wish I would find something like those dresses at a fleamarket just once. Warning, don't check out the handbags, seriously don't, you'll want to buy them! A bit pricey though...
I do own an approx. 1950 tweed skirt suit, but it's a bit too wide now and instead of hitting my waist drops down to hip level :-(

Ok, I'll be gone over the weekend. I'll visit my grand-aunts with my mum and of course a fleamarket(actually two, one on saturday and another on sunday). Cross your fingers for sunshine and warm weather please! Forcast looks good so far, but we'll be at the sea and you never know there.

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Blogger Whimsical Knitting said...

WTG!!! Great job on the closet redo! And, just WOW! I love that site! I collect vintage lucite bags, that one on this site!!!

8:13 PM, September 08, 2006  

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