Sunday, October 01, 2006

winner and gifts

Well, there are 15 people who commented on my previous post. Thanks a bunch for your birthday well-wishes! I entered you all into the drawing[peri, I live in germany, so uk wouldn't be oversea ;-) ]. Beeing a computer science student, I thought I shouldn't do the lame old paper out of a hat thing. So I wrote a tiny java thing(actually I recycled some code I already had and this one is sooo easy anyway).*
I gave every commenter a number according to the order in which they commented.
So, the winner is....

Number 7+1(because it returns a number from 0 to 14), which is:
Congratulations! I'll pm you via the knittyboard tomorrow with a few questions so you won't be sent something you already have or have no use for.

And what did I get for birthday? Well, first of all this cross stitch kit from Mirabilia "Titania, Queen of the fairies" which my mum brought via Ebay...which I "accidently" already found out about.

I got it in the morning after I woke up, but my mum had repeatedly asked over the course of the last two weeks if there was anything else I would like. Something small as my aunt too had brought something for my mum for me(which I'll get on wednesday). Plus, we have the rule(read my mum made the rule) that a grown up(18+) won't get that much gifts anymore since (s)he can work to buy her-/himself big things. Don' t get me wrong, I have nothing against this "rule" I think it only fair and to be honest there are a number of people out there whose parents should probably adopt that rule. I've been working besides school since the age of 16 and it DID made me value money a lot more. At my age both my mum and dad had been living alone(or been on a ship working) for quite some time.
Nevertheless my mum never manages to enforce said rule and yesterday I had to knit this:

No idea what it is? Maybe this photo will help?

Yes! It is an Ipod nano!!!!!!!
I never ever expected to get one! I have been joking about one, even putting it on the birthday list fully expecting not to get it as that is very much against above mentioned rule. I've been thinking about saving money for one and even made a plan.
I was totally stunned!

Most of the day was then spent loading music unto it, cursing at the speed of that stupid Itunes software thing and listening to music.

*The code if you're interested:
import java.util.*;
public class randomname
public int getthenumber(int commenter)
Random rand = new Random();
int winner = rand.nextInt();
int maximalnumber = commenter;
winner = rand.nextInt(maximalnumber);
return winner;

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Anonymous maryannlucy said...

Love your gifts, and the nano cover is soooo cute. Happy birthday again.

6:55 PM, October 01, 2006  
Blogger AmyP said...

so cool about the ipod, and the cross stitch looks like it will be great when it's stitched up.

8:01 PM, October 01, 2006  
Blogger Karen said...

Very cool gifts!

I won! Weeeeeeee!!! :)

9:14 PM, October 01, 2006  
Anonymous glittrgirl said...

Nice one javede! Congrats Karen!

1:25 PM, October 02, 2006  
Blogger Whimsical Knitting said...

Oh my, I knew when I saw the cover that you were going to say an Ipod! How wonderful, you will LOVE it! Lonnie love, loves his!
LOL, we have the same rule, but, of course we sometimes do the same rule breaking that your mum did :wink:
happy happy bday!

10:45 PM, October 04, 2006  

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