Friday, February 09, 2007

soooo many ideas

At the moment I have so many ideas for crafty projects, sewing, knitting, spinning, dyeing etc. But I want to finish a particular project first before I begin anything else.
It's my first project from "Vintage knits". I love the knits in this book, but up untill now there always was something else to knit and I didn't had any suitable yarns...or so I thought.
The newest knitting challenge over at is "What would Marple knit", the perfect excuse to finally knit a vintage project. After searching through the net and a couple of magazines(late 70's) I decided against all of the projects I liked from them for one reason only: yarn. For some I didn't had the right yarn in the right color and gauge and for others, well I would never be able to knit a whole sweater with sock weight yarn in time(though one design has been put on the to-do list; regia silk is all I'm saying about it).
That's why I am now knitting the Lace Camisole from "Vintage Knits". I even had suitable yarn for it! It really does help to reduce the stash and get rid of yarns you never ever will knit with anyway. I'm knitting the camisole in some silky grey yarn from a cone. I'm not sure where I got it from, but I'm sure it was gifted to me by someone. I also have no idea about the actual content, but from the feel of it my guess it's silk. I already finished the back and am now knitting the front.

The front is now finished too, but I'm a little confused by the instructions for the straps. It says to pick up and knit from the point, the back and to the next point, knit a bit and bind of. Then CO for one strap, pick up from the front and CO for the second strap ???
Sounds much too complicated to me and it would be hard to adjust the straps length, so I decided to crochet around and also crochet the straps. The camisole seems to be a bit too wide, I guess with this silky and slippery yarn my gauge changed while knitting, but since I never intended to wear it alone, it might be ok...we will see.

I also sewed a skirt(more on that in the next post) and a few secret projects, which I can't reveale untill the Knitty SP is over. Otherwise it would be too easy for my pal to spot me, though I really want to blog about these highly usefull things...

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