Tuesday, May 15, 2007

serious addict

I'm addicted, a serious addict! No, I'm not just talking about my yarn addiction, that goes without mentioning, but all my other addictions. Here's a list in no particular order cause I'm addicted to it all equally:

  • Coffee: I can't live without it. Numerous attempts have been made to atleast drink less of it and more of the real stuff in contrast to the instant one I drink mostly. All have failed in the end! I need a coffee or two in the morning more than I need a cigarette(which I know is an addiction too). I need one during lectures. I need one when I get back home...
  • Craft supplies(not counting yarn+fabric): I hord it. Even if I haven't done anything in that direction for months/years I have to save it for the day I will need it again. I must say that I got rid of some supplies, but regretted it deeply more than just once. Like throwing away those wooden bars for silk painting, little skeins of thread/yarn to knot bracelets...I will never again be able to throw any craft supplies away! And I continue to buy more for new crafts...
  • craft books: I have to order most via Amazon cause the german books mostly suck. My wish list grows larger and larger and I already dedicated 50€ from next months money to craft books
  • books/reading in general: I will go weeks, yes sometimes even months without reading a book and then I will get in the mood again and read a book within a weekend! And we're not talking about small books, more like LOTR within a week.
  • Brooches: As I probably mentioned before on this blog I wear almost no jewellery at all except for brooches. I could buy more and more of them!
  • ...to be continued one day...



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