Saturday, June 30, 2007

never thought it was this easy!

I got the Stitch-it-kit from sublimestitching this week in a swap and had to begin embroidering right away. It's soooo much easier than the last time I tried. Not sure if it's because of the material, instructions or because my handsewing skills got better too.

I already finished one towel and the second is in the making. I will need more fabric to embroider soon, but will check my fabric stash first. I think I have somewhere some handdyed linnen fabric that I got for cross stitching in a swap some time ago.

I also finished crocheting another fat bottom bag also from swap yarn. Yes, I've been swapping quite much lately, it's just too much fun!

And I started knitting a shrug loosely following the instructions from the One-Skein-Wonder, but mine will have long arms.

The Mystery stole? Well, the Paypal mess was even more of a mess and without going into too much detail, I don't think it was Paypals fault at all and once I have some more time I will have a look at what other banks offer for student accounts. I'm avoiding the MS group and all blogs of knitters I know that are participating, because I want it to be a true mystery! If all goes well(*knocks on wood..ouch*) the new payment should be on their account on tuesday and hopefully it won't take longer than a week for the yarn to arrive here...


Anonymous AmyP said...

Lovely embroidery.
Sorry about your PayPal woes. Shall I hold off posting about my stole until you get your yarn in a mark of solidarity? :)

3:26 PM, June 30, 2007  

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