Sunday, June 24, 2007

Still knitting

and spinning and dyeing and crafting in general.

I also still haven't decided which exams to take, but am almost sure on the field of study(either "distributed and information systems"* or "softwaredeveloping methods"*). But I made a list of things I have to read that will hopefully narrow it down soon :-)

I recently got my first ever batt in a swap and since it cooled down the last couple of days spun it:

The photos don't really do it justice. It kind of reminds me of washed out jeans, but it also has sparkly bits. Spinning it was really fun!

I also dyed some roving for the above mentioned swap, all but the bottom one are gone already(that is mine ;-) ):

And I finished knitting the Somewhat Cowl, but since it isn't blocked yet, I will post about it some other time. Now the question is what to knit next. The Mystery Stole KAL begins on friday, but there's a major f*** up with my Paypal payment for the yarn. Totally the fault of my stupid bank, which apparently can't distinguish a Z from a 2! Grrr, I already contacted Paypal once when I saw the mistake first and they said it shouldn't be a problem, but the money didn't arrive, so I gues it is a problem!
That means I won't get the yarn in time and need another project in between. I can't decide what to knit though...

*pretty sure that both translations are not a 100% correct, but am much to lazy to look that up now ;-)


Anonymous AmyP said...

The translation seems about right. The thing I love about German is that if there isn't a word already you mash some existing ones together!
Lovely dyeing on the roving, too.

5:29 PM, June 26, 2007  

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