Friday, January 30, 2009

Still alive!

Yes, I am blogging again! I will try to blog atleast once a week from now on, promise *crosses fingers behind back*
Though to be quit honest, I am thinking about self-hosting a wordpress blog somewhere as I have heard about a couple of issues with blogger lately. Any tips on that really appreciated!
I don't think I could recap all of the last year, but you can guess it was a good year or I would have been blogging more ;-) Still a student, but hope to change it this year and finally graduate.
So...a bit stumped where to start now...well, let's just start with the current projects:
Sock blanket
I don't even remember if I blogged about this before, it has just been too long. It is my sock yarn left-over blanket and I started it about a year ago. Each square is 89 sts wide, which suits me much better than the 45sts squares I started with(if anybody is making such a smaller square blanket contact me and I will send you the squares I don't need anymore). I already calculated that I have enough yarn to complete two full blankets...yes, I have been knitting a lot of socks too.
Just realized I don't have any photos of my other current projects, I will change that tomorrow. Instead here are some photos of items finished last year:
Neverending blanket
Cartman pillow
Closeup 1

P.S.: Yes, I have a bf now and of course that is part of the reason I was abscent for some time as you can imagine. Don't worry if I am not mentioning him again, but he wouldn't like being blogged about and I respect that.


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