Sunday, July 26, 2009

My first dress

I have been wanting to sew my own dress forever and ever. I have been collecting quite a number of patterns, vintage patterns from fleamarkets, new patterns from stores, I even got a girl from the USA to raid a few sales to swap some patterns from Simplicity etc in exchange for crocheted skull squares.

Two years ago I actually made three mock dresses from muslin, but I had lost quite a bit of weight and still didn't really knew what looked good on me and what didn't. Plus retrospectively I probably should have used different sizes for the top and for the bottom since I actually still had hips.

Well, so it probably is a good thing I gained some weight and I know what suits me well and what doesn't. I chose Simplicity 3774 and view C as my first real dress. It accents the waist and bust which I think suits me well. I made a mock dress out of muslin first too and thought everything was alright...

So I cut out the pattern pieces from some navy fabric with white hearts and began sewing. I didn't wanted to line the dress top part as I think it is unnecessary with this type of fabric and dress style. Instead I used bias tape around the neck opening and armholes (Must remember to buy unpressed bias tape next time).
Lastly before hemming I inserted the zipper in the back of the dress. I put the dress on and it looked lovely on the front...but the back gaped at the top! We are not talking about a bit of gaping, oh no, it was 8cm of excess fabric!!! I measured up the pattern pieces and the dress later. It seems like the back top part broadens at the top by 4cm. Why is beyond me. The reviews I read didn't mentioned this problem, so maybe I am odder shaped then I ever though *lol*

Anyway, I just undid the zipper, cut away some fabric and reinserted it. Almost perfect, except for the transition between waist and hips. It rode a bit up when worn, because my hips are a tad bit wider and my waist line is a smidge above the one indicated in the pattern. I tried to remedy this by undoing the side seems and using some of the seam allowance to widen this part. Looks a bit better now, but I will have to remember to add atleast 1 cm to each side seem for the next dress.

And now here is a bad photo of the dress. Hopefully next time I wear it I can get someone to take my picture and show you a better one then this shapeless one.

hearty dress


Blogger Samsara said...

Thanks for coming to my party Javede and for bringing such an usual gift! Sounds wonderful though and one for future parties! Your name is in the sorting hat ready for selection day!

7:59 PM, August 11, 2009  

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