Thursday, July 16, 2009

Swap info

I am often participating in swaps via craftster and thought it would be easier for my partners if I would write down a bit about my likes and dislikes.
I will update this post occasionally. Last update: August 2009.

  • About me:
    I am a computer science student, who hopefully will graduate this year. I am minoring in physics. Yes, that is kind of nerdy and so am I!
    I love everything chocolate except for plain milk chocolate. But I do like the Cadbury milk chocolate.
    I am addicted to fleamarkets! For awhile I didn't go to any because I couldn't stop myself from buying even if I didn't really needed that item. I love kitschy things!

  • Colours:
    I like all colours, except for orange and yellow. This is especially true for clothing items as these colours make me look sick. Some reds with an orange undertone also won't work. I won't mind yellow and orange where appropriate, say if you are making a bee-shape bag.
    I am into green-blue tones at the moment.

  • Fabrics:
    Quilting/patchwork fabrics are pretty expensive here in Germany, so I am always happy to receive cotton prints.
    I am not a fan of plaisley or animal prints.
    I am planning to sew a patchwork skirt with all different prints of fabric, but I will need over 100 squares! No way I could purchase that much fabric, but maybe you have some left-overs? I need 10cm squares, but 4inch squares would be ok too as the difference is marginal.

  • Yarns/fibers:
    I prefer natural yarns for clothing, like cotton, wool, alpaca etc. I wouldn't mind it if part of the yarn is acrylic, but please no 100% for things I will wear or hold in my hand. It is ok for amigurumis or dolls though to be out of 100% Acrylic.
    I own a spinning weel, but haven't spun much lately. Maybe some unusual fiber would motivate me again.

  • Jewellery:
    I don't wear much jewellery and my ears are not pierced. I do love brooches though and wear them a lot. I prefer silver to gold.

  • Sizes:
    That's a tough one since it seems to constantly change. I am between an M-L for clothing at the moment. As a general rule bottoms need to be bigger than tops since I have hips.
    My shoe size is betwenn EU39-40.
    Feel free to ask me for my measurements if you need them. I have no problem measuring myself up, but don't want to post it here *lol*

  • Crafts I do:
    I can knit, sew and crochet quite well. I also spin, embroider, cross-stitch a bit here and there, though those could be improved a bit. I do some quilting and other crafts randomnly.

  • Crafts I would like to try:
    Weaving, still searching for a place nearby to learn. Not that I could afford a loom of my own or have any space whatsoever for it, but it looks interesting and fun.

  • Things I would like to receive:
    Please see my wists. Check the comments on items though since some things are on there for inspiration only.

  • Craft Books
    I am a natural hoarder, but books are the worst. I LOVE books and can never part with any once I get my hands on them(I even keep books I stopped reading midway because I didn't liked them). So feel free to send me craft books and don't hestitate to send preloved once!

  • I collect:
    I collect postcards. Normal touristy cards are fine, but I also like absurd, bizarre cards. I would love to have some more cards with words/sayings in foreign languages on them.

  • Books I read:
    Anything but romance and thrillers are atleast given a try. My favorit author is Terry Pratchett followed by Anne Rice. My favorit book though is "The secret garden".

  • Films I like:
    Everything Horror or Zombie. Sarcasm is good too or just plain silliness. Fido was great.

  • Favourite styles/themes:
    I am a Hello Kitty fan and don't think I will ever outgrow this.

  • Favourite music:
    Everything but electronic music.

  • Things I wouldn't like:

    • I don't like items made from ducttape.

    • anything religous

    • earrings as my ears are not pierced

    • animal themes(I do like cartoonie animals though)

    • I am still living at home with my parents so eventhough I like pretty dishtowels and similare household items they are not of much use at present.

    • I have limited space available and as stated before am allergic to pollen, so I prefer to have less dustcatchers around me. Nevertheless if you think I would really like something feel free to ignore this one

    • A plastic bag despenser...since I try not to use plastic bags at all.

    • knit/crochet dish or wash clothes, I already own enough.

    • I am very sensitive to scents and can't stand most. I am ok with most naturally scented soap. Please no heavy, artifical scents, they give me the worst headaches ever!

    • no tiger prints ore zebra prints or any kind of animal print please!

    • I don't get this back to the eighties trend...

    • I don't like glitter on my clothes

  • Allergies/Allergens:
    I am sensitive to scents and allergic to pollen+mosquitoes. So as long as you don't send me perfumed pollen-sprinkled mosquitoes I should be ok ;-)
    I myself quit smoking last December(2008), but my parents still smoke. Of course I wash everyhing before sending, but someone allergic might have a problem.


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