Sunday, June 26, 2005

reconstruct it!

Todays fleamarket finds are for the craftster challenge 2. I completed the bottom part already, but needed something for the top part. This top and blouse is what I got(4,50€ in total). I was at the fleamarket in Eppendorf and though I really like this one, I must say that most of the good stuff is too expensive for me. If you don't know it Eppendorf is more of a posh area in Hamburg and some people today sold designer clothes! I was really tempted to buy a beautifull flower-hippy kind of dress, but 45€ is just way over my budget!



I don't know for sure, what I'm going to make out of these. the top is much too wide for me at the moment...hmm going to go through the sewing magazines for some inspiration.

Sorry for the absence of knitting content at the moment, but my current project is a gift for my SP, so I can't post it. I also finally made it to the post to mail my SP a "package". I wonder if she will like it?

I really badly need a job! I've made a list of things I want to buy next month(no money left for this month!) and realized that's never going to fit. Maybe I'm a bit too picky on the job i want to have. But I'm so not going to work in a shop like the last one I worked at, aka low salary but much responsibility. And I also don't want to work as a waitress....and it has to be "reachable"...
Ah, well guess that just means that I won't buy more yarn next month. I don't really need more anyway, cause my mum ordered some for me at Junghans. Yes, the Anchor Magicline for a second crocheted bag!
Why my mum ordered and not me? Well, unfortunately Junghans has a first-time customer policy, that demands you to either pay by credit card or C.O.D.. Nowwhere on their page or in the catalog they wrote that down! I got an email telling me.
Well, I'm a student, I don't have a credit card! And I seriously don't want to pay 2€ C.O.D. when one skein costs 1€. Eventhough I can normally understand policies like this, Junghans is a big company and it's not like I ordered yarn for 100€...


Blogger joygoddess said...

That html code worked! Thanks so much for all your help!!!

And I totally understand about needing a job... I've been unemployed for about 2 months, and I'm getting pretty poor and sick of being home all the time. Nothing wrong with being picky though! :)

Good luck on your crafty endeavors, and on getting a job soon!!!

9:02 PM, June 27, 2005  

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