Thursday, June 23, 2005

Secret Pal and coffee... combination ever!
Just as I was boiling some water to make me a coffee, the postman rang and he delivered this package from my secret pal:

Now, secret pal, can you read my thoughts? I've been thinking about knitting my cousin a lil stuffed monster(monster, because I doubt I could knit a recognizable rabbit or bear ;-) )and what's in your package? Something to stuff it with!
And also a cup, which of course I use right away(boiling water, you know)

*taking a sip* and a Hello Kitty notepad! I LOVE it!!!!!

No, I'm really not dissapointed that you're not from abroad. You really should see my broad smile right now


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Juhu, die Tasse hats überlebt. :o) Und die Woll-Noppen haben zweifache Wirkung gehabt. :o) Als Polsterung für die Tasse und und als Geschenk. :o)

LIebe Grüße ...

12:48 PM, June 23, 2005  

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