Saturday, July 02, 2005

I'm too late!

Yeah, that very much describes yesterday. I discovered this yarn store near Hamburgwolland. It carries dyeable yarn, so I decided to visit it before I go to campus. I *thought* that it wasn't that much away from the campus...yeah, thought...
Anyway, I went from home at 11.00 and after a 40 min drive, when I was almost there, I remembered that they close at 12.00! Darn, how could I forget? I also couldn't speed, because I know there are a couple of speed cameras. When I arrived it was 5 minutes before 12.00. I entered the store and asked politely when they closed. The woman was really nice and said that they normally close at 12.00(hmm I didn't know that ;-) ) , but that she has to sort out things anyway, so I could take a look.
Wow, this store is really nice with a rather large selection on hand-dyed yarn.
After wandering in it for far too long, I brought these two hanks of natural wool(5€ total) and two mags for 1€ each. Ok, I admit it, I brought more, but I'm thinking of sending it to my SP5-recipient, so I can't post it.

When I paid, I took a look at my swatch...12.30! I have to be on campus at 12.45!
What should I say, I was too late again! I had computer lab and thanks to our *nice* instructor, me and my lab partner have to go there again on tuesday to complete the tasks...Arghhh!

I also finished my branching out yesterday. Here it is still unblocked:

I know the pattern now by heart. After the first half of this scarf I didn't had to look at the chart anymore. I'm currently searching for another pattern similare to this one.

Ah, and I totally forgot to post about the RAK I received. She really must think I'm an ungrateful a**. Anyway, I received a UK knitting magazine from AmyP. Thank you!


Blogger AmyP said...

Don't worry, I'm scatter-brained too! :)

12:57 PM, July 03, 2005  

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