Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Good and bad

Good 1:
We finally got our package from Junghanswolle. Let's just say there was more than the problem described before...
Good, because I could finally start my second bag. I can't decide which colors to use though...

Good 2:
I've finished sewing and stuffing the monster. I think I'll call him Mr.Bubblehead, but I don't like the german translation of it(Herr Seifenblasenkopf), do you think my cousin is too young to learn english ;-)
Monster ALARM!!!

Good 3:
I managed to block my Branching out and it's lovely. I now feel confident enouh to try a big shawl...if only I had the yarn for it! I saw a really greate bargain for Rowan Kidsilk haze on ebay UK, but it would be around 30€ for a shawl nevertheless.

Good or Bad?:
Last week I got some turqois ribbon yarn from my mum, enough to make a sweater or cardigan. But I couldn't find a pattern I liked that was easy enough to carry it around with me on my way to campus. So I made up my own!
Well, I've finished both front parts and the back and I'm not sure if i really like it. Surely it needs some blocking too and it's hard to tell from the pic below since I'm not wearing it, but how do you like it?
my mum thinks it's great, but I'm not that sure if she's honest with me...normally she sais when she thinks something looks awfull on me...

definately Bad:
I ordered some wool roving via Ebay and this just proofs that you've better use your brain! I mean it was cheap, what did I expect? The description said it was suitable for felting, stuffing toys AND spinning. Now, it might be good for the first two, but NOT for spinning. The fibers are a bit curly and much too short. Even without dropping my spindle it broke! I'll try to reach the seller later and we'll see what that will bring...
crappy crap

Good 4:
I have the apartment for my self in the morning till noon. Why? Well, mum and dad at work and my brother goes to work with my dad!
This is not just so he gets some money(that's what he thinks :-)), no, it's to motivate him to get better at school. My dad works in some kind of construction(don't know the right term) and my parents(aka my mum) hope that my brother will see that he doesn't want to have a kind of job like that himself. I don't think that will motivate him, but let's see how it goes!


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