Tuesday, July 05, 2005

getting crafty again

I've neglected my crafty tools for the last few month in favor of knitting. I received a large selection of crafty things for christmas that I never used untill yesterday. These included a hot glue gun and some boxes.
That cheapo gun really is a bitch! First it refuses to give away any glue and than it doesn't stop even if you're not pressing it anymore!
Therefore this box was done in a complete hurry and arranging the flowers was nearly impossible...
hot glue

On saturday I had been to the craft store for no particular reason and stopped in front of the Fimo rack. Caught me thinking about making my own beads, but from childhood experiences(think half baked, blackspotted, pink fimo) I went for the air-dry clay. Here's my "beads" and pieces. Can you see the sheep?[No, honestly it's a sheep!]

And now, my latest kniting project, a knitted monster! It isn't complete yet as you can see, but quite fun to make. I hadn't any idea what I wanted to do, so I just started knitting and made it up as I went. My brother said it looks like a ballon that hasn't been used yet.
toy bubble


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