Sunday, October 16, 2005

And the mission continues...

...with another finished "project".
Ok, so it isn't a real project, just a test shawl. Since I never saw nor wore a round shawl I had to test it. Yep, I know realize that it would probably have been easier to test it without using the different lace pattern...would have been faster too...
Anyway, I found out I like round shawls, so after I finish the last project, this is definately high up on my to-knit-list.

This is the last project I need to finish, samus. [What? There are more projects listed on the sidebar? Just ignore them, I do too ;-)]
I finished the first sleeve and now knit the second. Should be finished tomorrow with it. Then comes the hard part, I-cord and zipper...

And now, sundays fleamarket finds:

Two books, one about knit and crochet with stitches and tips etc and one with crochet stitch patterns. In the back is 4m of a light fabric.

KnittySP5: Yep your right, inevitable to become a sock knitter, when you see all this beautiful yarn every time you go to a LYS. Hipknits is now number one on my christmas list, keep mentioning it to my mum ;-)


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