Monday, September 26, 2005

Ah, what ever!

That pretty much described my reaction towards a stupid remark of a fellow student. Was a bit upset about it for the day, but having thought it over, he's right in parts. And I don't actually think it's something negative...
It's funny how people have so different opinions on a subject sometimes and how different they see a situation or behaviour.

Anyway, back to knitting. Can't show you any photos cause Hello isn't working for me at the moment. I finished the main part of samus and it fits my mum so far. Yes, she knows what she will get for christmas since it would suck if it didn't fit.
Also finished my first sock. I used this tutorial. Currently I'm working at its twin, but it really takes some time to knit a sock. Never thought that it would take so much time cause it sounds so fast when others talk about it. Am I just a slow knitter or do others exaggerate?
I don't like the toe part much. I guess for my next sock I'll be using a different decrease style which results in less stitches in the end.

I decided to really clean up my room one of these days. Eventhough not so long ago I put most of my fabric stash in a huge(and I mean huge!) package and put it into the attic, I'm in need of more space....or less things ;-)
My room really isn't that big, it's pretty small and with all my hobbies(crafting, reading, knitting, sewing etc.) there's not one spot empty. Even if I would manage to put everything I used back to its place(I admit I'm a bit messy) there's not enough space to have a place for everything! Can't open one side of my closet!
I decided to get rid of some of the fabric I'm not going to use anyway and probably also some yarn. Will be putting them up on Ebay although I think I won't be getting much for it.

P.S.: Hi SP! Never mind! Your allowed to have a life, you know ;-)
Just send my first package to my downstream SP and I bet she won't be getting it untill next week.

P.P.S.: Forgot to say our car didn't started this morning! Had to run to make it to the bus and almost timely to uni(20 min late!). Apparently those evil red baterie light has glowed. Darn, guess that means new batterie.


Blogger Carmell said...

the car thing sucks i just bought a new battery last month. had to drive around with a pbattery charger for like 3 months before DH would get me one!!!

1:48 AM, September 27, 2005  

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