Sunday, October 09, 2005

Dream projects, yarn and other

In this post I will write down my future projects and ideas. Also I'll be adding a kind of wishlist for yarn and other things I *need*, but can't afford at the moment.
This is not related to any secret pal project or RAK. Surely you know these situations were you've seen your dream yarn, but couldn't buy it right away. A month later you have the money, but forgot where you've seen the yarn and what it's called . Has happened a lot of times to me, therfore this list.

I actually keep a note book with craft ideas, but I always misplace right now I have no idea where it is!

Dream Projects:

This is a Lace Cardigan from Esprit. That's just what I had in mind for some time. Best thing, I already have the yarn for it!
I'm going to Esprit next week with my measuring tape ;-)

Isn't it somehow cute? I have so much stuffing material and thought I could make some stuffes little toys for my cousins. Now, what's even better than small toys? Big ones!
The instructions are here . I think I'll change it a bit, I'm not much into Pandas ;-)

Dream Yarn:
#Hipknits silk! I know, I haven't even used the two hanks I got from my SP, but it's soooo lovely.

# Kauni yarn lovely color and I like that it's more blocks of color rather than stripes.

#Lana Grossa "Mega Stoppino" in colorway 303, already have a test ball of it(idea: Klaralund)

Dream Other:

#Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Book Number TWO, can't resist the Klaralund and Gesta hype.


Blogger AmyP said...

Hi (again!). I have a copy of the Noro Hamilton book 2 if you'd like it. All I ask in return is a couple of balls of some German yarn :) Email me back if you're interested (ape182uk[AT]yahoo[dot]co[DOT]uk - replacing all the ats and dots with the symbols)

8:52 PM, October 09, 2005  

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