Thursday, January 12, 2006

Wahh, worst addiction ever!

Of course I'm talking about my yarn addiction(though second place would be coffee). I swear I didn't wanted to buy anymore yarn, but....
well, it truly is an addiction. But these were great bargains nobody could have passed!

Yes, I'm feeling slightly guilty and I must admit that there's missing one black ball of Kidsilk Haze *blushing* The socks I began knitting are for my mum though and she also paid for that sock yarn herself. The white yarn is Schachenmayr "Mohair" and it was half-price! It knits up on 6mm needles and I thought about knitting a lace sweater-tank thing(see, I even have a project in mind!). The photo on the buttom shows 100 embroidery floss I brought on Ebay. Starting a new hobby can be expensive...

But I also finished knitting my second Klaralund! It has neither been washed nor blocked, so you will only get a pic of the sweater without me. The sleeves are a bit tighter than intended, but I hope I can block them to the right width.

At the moment on the needles is also The Somewhat Cowl, that I began knitting before christmas but had to put aside for the panic-knitting. It grows very slowly cause I can't knit more than 3-5 rows on it untill my wrists start to hurt. The yarn is quite slippery which results in exhausting hand motions.

And finally my computer chair crashed last thursday. Yes, I sat on it and when I stretched the back fell off it! It was bound to happen sooner or later since some screws had detached themselve for a year or so. Of course I stopped making homework and drove to IKEA ;-)
Apart from a new chair and a plastic box(where now monitor stands on) I brought some fabric that was on sale for 2,99€/m. Then instead of returning to my homework, I sewed these curtains. The fabric is more dark red/brownish in reality only showing green when light shines on it. It fabulously darkens my room, which is good since last summer my sunblind detached itself from my window(luckily I wasn't sitting near it then!).

P.S.: Yes, I managed to finish homework nevertheless.
P.P.S.:listening to deltaradio
P.P.P.S.:I have a job now! I'm tutoring kids at a privat tutoring institute(funny, there seems to be no word for "Nachhilfe" in english). I'm only working when one of the other tutors can't work.


Blogger PURLPOWER said...

Nacchife? What does it mean and I'll see if I can come up with an English equivalent for you!

7:14 PM, January 13, 2006  

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