Thursday, January 19, 2006

Stop knitting, start studying!

"But I can do both! No, you can't! You need to concentrate solely on your studies. I could knit a bit, then study a bit, then knit a bit... if you begin knitting, you won't stop resulting in not studying at all, delaying it untill it will be too late! well, I can knit and read my notes at the same time NONONO! Besides the fact that the projects now on you needles are too complicated for that, you won't really remember what you read. Why shouldn't I remember it? I'm pretty good and quick at memorising stuff! well, than why have you not started studying, but knitted instead?'s...shit!"

What I wanted to say with the above is that I did knit and crochet instead of learning for my oral examination in practical computer science. I'm goingo to post pics of the finished projects tomorrow and also my wips. This post is mainly to explain why I'm probably not going to post much in the next few weeks.


Blogger PURLPOWER said...

How about dividing your day into little chunks - this is what I do at work: 'work for an hour - then look at knitting blogs for five minutes, work for an hour - knit two rounds of a sock - work for an hour - look at yarn online for five minutes' etc.

It might be easier and more fun to do that than to knit all day and feel guilty or work all day and feel sad!

10:59 AM, January 23, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hahaha, wie ich das kenn!

Ich hab auch immer Strickzeug auf dem Schreibtisch rumliegen und rede mir dann ein daß es mich entspannt und Entspannung ist ja unglaublich wichtig beim Lernen. xD


Mein Beitrag zur studentischen Entspannung ist, daß das erste Päckchen endlich fertig gepackt ist und Dich in den nächsten Tagen erreichen wird.

die wollfee!

12:35 PM, January 23, 2006  

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