Tuesday, December 27, 2005

christmas and CiCi

It's over and I managed to not eat that much choclate. Ok, I ate enouch other not that healthy stuff(and a tangerine or two ;-)). We spent Christmas Eve at my aunts house and it was...well ok. Hey, Santa even came. Yes, the real one! No, he didn't looked a bit like the next door neighbor with a fake beard that constantly wanted to slip.
My cousin was too excited to note anything anyway and it also didn't mattered that Santa forgot to take the big present inside. Fortunately Santa has a handy(who would have thought that?!!) and called to say he had forgotten a present and his elves would put it infont of the door ;-)

Ok, I admit it, I like family meetings, but I get a bit sad on christmas cause I miss my grandma especially when the whole family(or better to say the ones I care about) gathers.

Now to my christmas gifts. I had known mostly what I got cause I had to help my mum order. But she still managed to surprise me, cause I hadn't thought I would get more than that order.
First there's the yarn:
~one huge football of Kauni yarn which is somewhat of fingering weight 100% wool yarn. The colors are much better than on the photo. It took me 1,5 hours to wind it into my first selfmade center-pull-ball.(I began knitting Cozy from Knitty out of it)
~350g Luna from Rellana which is the softest not that expensive yarn I ever touched! It's going to become another Klaralund(already made a swatch)

The big boring looking book in the back is for university. It's sooooo heavy I needed both hands to hold it!
The three other books are from Laurell K. Hamilton. It's a serie about a vampire hunter and zombie raiser. Not high literatur, but I like it! (already read all three of them)
And in the front you see my brothers gift to me, an embroidery hoop!
This is actually my second test piece. I tried to embroider my mum's tablecloth(she brought it in a moment of I-want-to-try-embroidery, but never did so *eye-rolling*), but it only had short instructions and was a bit too much for me. Keep in mind I never embroidered before and you had to use all different kind of stitches on the tablecloth.
Since I didn't had any spare embroidery threads and no suitable fabric at hand, I used a scrap of stretchy cotton and much too thick thread(used to weave arm bands with it back...hmm...must be over 8 years!). It didn't worked that well, so today I brought this "countable" fabric(don't know the english word) and embroidery thread and started again.
The heart is cross-stitched.

I also got a gift certificate for H&M from my aunt(good one, I only have one pair of jeans left) and some Pralinen(is the english word really chocolate candy?) .

Before christmas I managed to finish the CiCi sweater and here it is(more about it in another post, I probably even post the pattern one day):

Listening to: "American Legends", yes that's the country CD I got for my father...psst, don't tell ;-)


Blogger Stariel said...

and some Pralinen(is the english word really chocolate candy?)

Nope, I'm pretty sure it's pralines - so basically the same. :)

Nice yarn!

3:09 AM, December 28, 2005  

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