Sunday, January 22, 2006

A bit of learning and knitting[and a rant]

[Edit: This should have been posted three days ago, but I hit the wrong button and only saved it as a draft]

Yes, I've been knitting although I should have been learning. But I thought since I haven't been registered yet for the examination(you can do so starting this wednesday)...
Ok, I managed to read the lectures notes(which are more then just notes) for this semester and wrote a summary for half of the notes from last semester. And I was at the library and got two books(and read the first few chapters!).

[Attention, clothing related rant ahead, skip for knitting content!]

Anyway, before I show you my knitting projects let me say, that this next week, it study and sewing week. Yes, sewing. Today we celebrated my cousins birthday(she's four now, unbelievable how fast kids grow!) and I wanted to wear a skirt. So I searched through my closet and tried on every skirt I after another sliped down even when closed! I only have three left, the brown one I brought before christmas, a black one with a drawstring and a vintage fifty's tweed one. All the skirts I sewed are now too big. I always thought it would be sooo nice to loose weight...well, it is nice, but it sucks to have almost nothing to wear. Yes, I'm exaggerating, but only a little. That are just the skirts, haven't been through my whole wardrobe yet. I just doubt there's much left that still fits. My dressy clothes are all more than a year old, the pretty dresses are two years old...
See, I just HAVE to sew me some skirts.

Sorry, there will be no pics of the finished projects, cause my mum is currently wearing her socks and I forgot to take a pic of the crocheted hat I did for my cousin.
But I have some Wips to show.
First some patterned socks(my first!). I made up my own simple pattern since I didn't understand most patterns I found. I'm probably going to post the pattern once I'm finished, but it's really basic. Well, apparently not basic enough for me, cause I have to frog the heel on my second sock, I didn't divided the right amount of stitches(which I noticed when I was turning the heel...).

The second project is from Rebecca magazin 30. It's a sweater with an overlapping V-Neck both front and back. I needed to write down the rows on which I have to do the decreasing, increasing and cable, but apart from that it's easy and quick.

And my newest yarn purchaise. I'm going to knit my mum another pair of this 6ply sock yarn and a third Klaralund for me out of Mega Stoppino(I don't have to add, that it was on sale, do I?)


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