Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My mum's fault!

Since it's the beginning of another month (= money) I went to this not-so-lys. I've only been there once...for a very good reason. No, they are far from beeing unkind, it's a wonderfull store. And look at their selection! Yummy! That's actually the reason, last time I spent waaaaaaaay more then I wanted to. But this time I took my mum with me, she was supposed to be the little angel on my right shoulder....the important word in the last sentence is was. Seems like she's more of a devil:
Yep, that's all I brought, 1kg!!!
She didn't stop me, she even asked if that and that and that and that
andthatandthat ....yarn isn't nice too! Granted, we decided that neither Noro nor Michels Naturwolle was good enough to run into depts.
The yarn on the left is Lang Yarns "Sansibar" and I'm probably going to make a felted bag out of it.
The one on the right is GGH "Wollywasch tweed" and I have no idea what to knit with it!
So much to my resolution to only buy yarn with a certain project in mind...
But to my defence, both yarns were on sale for 2€ per ball. Who could resist that kind of a bargain? I certainly not and my mum neither. She brought some multi-green yarn to knit a sweater. I really should have known better than to take her with me. She's worse than me. Just two months ago we sold a great bunch of her yarn on Ebay, cause a. it was ugly b. she would have never knitted with it(me neither) and c. it was ugly! That still left her with tons of yarn and she began to knit again this year, not last year like me.

While we're at the topic of yarn buys, I won an auction on Ebay and last week this yarn arrive:
It's Lang Yarns "Franca" in dark brown. I've already made a swatch, but have no idea what o knit(see a pattern here ;-)). It's quite stretchy and to get an even fabriy I had to go down two needle sizes.

In knitting news, I finished my Cozy out of the Kauni yarn. In the pics it's still blocking, but it's dry now(just too dark again to take new pics). Oh, I loooooove it! Why haven't I knitted Cozy before, I don't know. The yarn is less scratchy than before, but not buttersoft. Hey, it's 100% wool after all. I wouldn't knit a sweater out of it(I'm a bit sensitive), but it's wonderfull and warm for a shawl.

And here's my first real cross-stitch project. Yes, right, it's a butterfly! I had to use different colors though, cause I only have three(purple, yellow and white).


Blogger PURLPOWER said...

wow! what a beautiful cozy - the most gorgeous one I've seen.

11:03 AM, January 06, 2006  

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