Monday, February 06, 2006

Knee Update

Do you know the feeling when things seem to be too good to be true?
Like just having a bruise when you managed to fall while you bend your knee and fall directly on it?
Yupp, too good to be true. The doctor that made the MRI looked at the "photos" again after I left and decided it's not just a bruise, it's "a light fracture without any dislocation and straight". Does sound terrible to me and my normal doctor said I needed to see yet another doc who would do a "light" plaster. Well new doc said I don't need a plaster and showed me an exercise to...hmm, forgot what it exactly is to do, but it should enable me to bend me knee more than the 90° it manages know. Otherwise I should try to walk normally, but am not allowed to squad, do sports or fall again(haha doc, really funny!). So far so good. That was last thursday. But know after my first day at campus again, my knee doesn't seem to want to get better. It doesn't hurt, but it feels...wrong. Sorry, don't know a word for it(not even in german). Walking is more difficult than it was this morning. I'll see the doc again on wednesday.

In knitting news, though I don't have any pics, I completed yet another sock for me and the Rebecca sweater. I also began knitting my Wollprinzesin's gift. Finally found something I may be able to knit in a month.
I also brought the knittin-pattern-a-day calendar and a vogue mag.

And I brought a spinning wheel!!!! From ebay, so I have to wait untill it arrives here a bit.

Thanks for all your comments and hopefully next time I write I have some pics for you!


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