Tuesday, March 14, 2006

too much to do, too little time

I've got so much to show you, like new finished projects(Cozy 2) , but just no time to blog!
I'll try to get some pics tomorrow if I find the camera.
I've been away the whole day, first shopping for new jeans(which my kind mum brought for me!)-btw. what's with all the glitter and appliqu├ęs? who wants to have multiple butterflies and roses going all the way from the ass to the feet with gold glitter allover? certainly not me!!!-than I wanted to visit a patchwork-shop which doesn't exist anymore! That really sucks, cause they had quite a selection plus it was really central(next to the city hall), which is probably why they closed down.
The rest of the day was spent learning math. And now I'm back home, reading through mail and blogs deciding whether I should watch tv(gilmore girl, though I've missed the last two episodes) or if I should read a book...

Ah, before I forget, in case you don't have my mail, I added a mail me on the left. It's not my regulare address, but I don't want that one spamed.


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