Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Yes, you read right. Here, in the middle of Northen Germany, Europe was a Tornado(actually one of the littler ones, whatever they are called in english...)!!!
No, it wasn't like 40+km away from me, it was less then 5km away from our apartement!
But let's start at the beginning. Little me had just finished tutoring the more littler folks and wanted to go home when suddenly there was a lightning and all the lights went of. Me and my fellow tutor thought that it may have strucked in the house and the fuses went out. Well we unplucked the coffee machine and when we went out(it was still thundering, raining and all) we saw that it wasn't just this house, but all the houses!
Fortunately it wasn't that dark then and the lightnings let my way home. Even more fortunately I had my keys with me since when there's not electicity, the door bell doesn't ring(on my way home I saw atleast three people trying to contact someone in their apartments through screaming against the very hard wind).
The rest of the evening was spent by candle light, me and my brother driving my mum mad out of boredom(no tv, computer, radio or warm drink!) and waiting for my dad. Cause he had been in the city when the storm came and since all the motorways were blocked(too much water or car accidents). He had to try different ways around and it took him more then an hour to get home(compared to the 20 min it takes normally). He also told us, that the outage was just local, so only our city quarter(which is south of the city) was affected.
Well, I went to bed early since there was nothing to do anyway and was waken up at 5am when the electricity came back(and my mum's alarm clock came back to live).
Well, this is the story of my first german blackout(had several when we visited indonesia, but that's normal there) and it's also the biggest blackout in town since the storm tide in 1962!

Back to knitting in the next post(probably on friday, have a lot to do for study)


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