Thursday, March 23, 2006

WOW, just WOW

Have you seen the counter on the left? Over 50000 visits to this very blog!!!! That's just amazing!!! I know from my statistics that most people are directed to my blog from knittingpatterncentral as they list my patterns. I keep wondering if there are knitters out there, who have knitted my stuff. So, if you have, it would be really nice to drop me a note!

Concerning my patterns, you might have noticed that the pfd-files are down. The service I used is not for free anymore and untill I have the time to move the files somewhere else, there won't be any pdfs available(There weren't that many downloads anyway).

You might have wondered why I didn't blogged yesterday as I promised and started to thnk that maybe I didn't passed my exam. Well, let me correct you as I have indeed passed it. I was much more calm than before the last exam and it went ok. I've got a 2.3 which is really greate. I'm happy about the mark, though I know I could have gotten a better one, if the prof had asked me different questions, like the ones my fellow student got(it was a group exam of three people getting quetioned at the same time).

Why didn't I blogged then? Because afterwards we went to a restaurant and drank some beer to celebrate that we all passed, which is a bad idea if you haven't eaten anything before! I wasn't wasted, but I felt to sleepy and instead of blogging went to bed.

As this post is already rather long, see next post for knitting content and yarn porn.


Anonymous jennifer said...

I have had your site bookmarked since sept when I started knitting again. I have never posted just ohhed and ahhed at your talent even though I check your blog everyday. But here I am responding! I am currently knitting your mock-me not sock pattern. I love it. I am working on the gusset now. It is such an easy pattern but looks so fancy. I am knitting it in knitpicks essential sockyarn. Thanks for posting your pattern.

4:36 PM, March 23, 2006  

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