Thursday, July 06, 2006

long promised knitting post

Yeah, I finally found the time to actually blog about knitting! Afterall, this IS a knitting blog, right?
So, what have I knitted?
A lot of socks lately, cause it's a) hot and b) I needed some easy knitting in between learning. Can't do anything complex when my mind is on things like torsional moment, magnetic field and refraction index. This will most likely continue for atleast a week where the subject will change and I have to wrap my mind around stuff like probability, random variable, markov chains and equilibrium distribution...
Unfortunately one pair of sneaker socks has already left home and now is with my grand-aunt. I had knitted them with one ball of the Knitpicks cotton sock yarn I got from my SP. Btw. the yarn is produced in Germany! I wonder how they can keep the cost so low when it needs to be imported.
I also started knitting a pair out of the Lorna's Lace's which I also got from my very generous SP. I love it! Compared to normal sock yarn, it's quite soft and lovely! I'm knitting them toe-up as not to waste a tiny bit of this gorgeous yarn.
Nothing much to say about the other socks I knitted except for that they are all plain. One day I'll have the time and patience to knit lacey patterned socks, but not now...
[my camera battery just died,pics later]

Here's a scarf I made for a swap on craftser. It's made out of some mohair/wool mix that I got on sale fron the "Hamburger Wollfabrik" some time ago. I dyed it blue though it didn't work out as I thought. I intended to graduatly move from very light blue to blue...

And then we have Ruby. Which is theoratically finished, but pratically I will have to take it all apart and redo the front.

See how low the front is? I know, that's the way the pattern is and therefore added a few rows before I bound of, but I think it's still too low. Seriously I don't think I would wear it like it is. Once I've got a bit more time, I'm going to redo it...
Otherwise, the pattern and the fit is great! As is the yarn, it's a pity they don't seem to sell it anymore. They only have on color left(which I don't like) or different weights. I might try the 4ply though.

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