Monday, June 19, 2006

Must not buy more yarn...

Really, I have to resist the urge to buy more even if it's reasonable priced and I have a project in mind. So the new goal is to stop buying yarn untill one of my yarn boxes is empty(ignoring the yarn stored in plastic bags spread around the room here)!

The problem is that for non of the projects I really want to knit I have suitable yarn in my stash. Unbelievable, but true.
Here's a lil list of what I would like to knit:
-lace doily/table cloth for my mum's birthday(it's in august, but it will take a lot of time)
Wait, I have enough sock yarn now, I bet I could knit the mittens! Only, do I really want to knit mittens in summer?! And would I wear these mittens? Honestly, they are cool and would be great to get better at color knitting(remember, I'm planing an lopi sweater for winter!), but I couldn't smoke with them on...yes, it's sad. I'm an addict, what should I say?

Anyway, back to the real problem. What CAN I knit? I mean apart from socks, my sp's gift, finishing WIP's and the mystery shawl?

Hmm, thinking I have enough to knit already? But I don't even have the yarn for my SP yet(will be bought next month), socks are definately inbetween projects, the mystery shawl hasn't started yet(have to check when though...) and my Wip's are wip's for a reason:
-pink circular jacket needs 390+stitches picked up and I don't have a needle for it, plus I tried picking up stitches, but it looks horrible(have to pick up more than there were before)
-the yarn used on the somewhat cowl makes my wists hurt(it's cotton and likes to split)
-I forgot which needles I used for the shetland tea shawl and I can't find the note where I wrote down how I wanted to modify the edging(I think I wanted to use a different one)
-the other wips are more ufo's then wip's
-what is this black cardigan thing? I can't even remember it!

Oh well, good night to you all, I'll go back staring at stash yarn asking it what it wants to be...


Blogger Whimsical Knitting said...

Kudos to you for stash busting...I'm not even gonna try it! I may one day, but...I'm way too much of a yarn junkie to do that..just fainted thinking about it!
Okay, if you must smoke (I quit 18 yrs ago for good after practicing quitting around 100 or so ain't easy!), you could do fingerless gloves, u know, lacey, with sock yarn....they would look great on you!!

6:52 PM, June 20, 2006  
Blogger Whimsical Knitting said...

OOPS, almost forgot...thanks for the blog compliments...I got the new template @

7:25 PM, June 20, 2006  

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