Sunday, October 22, 2006


So much craftiness has been happening, despite having to learn for the exam. I just didn't had the time to really blog about it.
First dyeing yarn: I love to dye yarn! Unfortunately I ran out of undyed yarn and now will have to wait for more. [side note: still no sign of my student aid #*&*#%&]
But that left time to knit with the dyed yarn. It will be an easy top-down raglan for me with a higher neck. I thought for some time what to knit out of this yarn and couldn't decide on a pattern. Plus I wasn't really in the mood to do much math for it. So an easy raglan it was!
I feared a bit for the yarn to pool or make other funky color patterns, but it actually mixes pretty well.
[imagine gorgeous lambswool dyed in a variety of light blue and green-blue]

I also finished a pair of socks for my aunts birthday which was last saturday.
[imagine plain stockinette, but sophisticated socks out of the yarn on the far left of this pic]

I plan on ordering some undyed sockyarn and dye some for my mum in Reggae colors(red, yellow, green), cause christmas will come faster than you think and reggae-colored gifts for her somehow became tradition.
Speaking of christmas, I really have to come up and begin with making gifts. So, my mum will get socks, my cousins will get cardigans and my brother....wait, I didn't get a birthday gift from him! Yes, brother I remember THAT and will come up with a matching gift for you-thinking about a birch, the historical gift for naughty children...maybe with some preparation papers for his big school exams next year...hehehe

[imagine witty writing to make a better transition to cross stitching]
I love to cross stitch, it's a bit of meditation. But it's soooooo slow. I mean I have all these cool ideas just waiting to be stitched! Let alone I want to start on the big project I got for birthday.

Side note: Sorry for the discrepancy in posting. I seem to have taking the habit of starting to write a post, stop, write a bit more, notice I forgot to take pics when it was light outside, stop, finish the post without pics.

P.S.: First day of lectures and so far it seems managable, but the real deal will be tomorrow->from 8am to 6pm with only one break from 10 to 12 and later having to change campus inbetween lectures(30min travelling!!!)
P.P.S.: What really annoyed me was that the language test which you have to take if you want to take one of the subject-orientated free language courses at university was today parallel to one of my seminars! Argh! So, no science english course for me...not that there was any space left in my time table anyway...

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Blogger Whimsical Knitting said...

You are one busy young lady!
I think Mom's reggae socks are too cool! Bad, Bad brother! Sounds like he needs coal in his stocking!

3:34 PM, October 24, 2006  

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