Saturday, November 18, 2006

projects and photos

As promised I'm going to show you some of the projects I'm working on at the moment, none of them are christmas gift, which worries me a bit. At this time of the year I should have completed atleast half of them already...
Anyway, first a pair of finished socks. I made up my own purl stitch pattern which spirals around the sock. The yarn used is another of the Lana Grossa Teamcolor yarns, Brazil to be exact(it's more green than blue in reality).

I also finished my first patterned sock! Unfortunately I can only show you a close up now as it was a test knit for one of knittingmom's patterns. But it's a wonderfull pattern and I enjoyed knitting it!

Having brought the black contrasting yarn for my sweater I should have been completing it by now, but I didn't. Study and homework and sock knitting came first. Also I'm not sure how I will use it for the collar. Should I double it or not? If I don't double it I will have to pick up much more stitches as it's much thinner than the yarn I used for the rest of the sweater. On the other hand if I double it, it will be a bit too thick, so I would have to pick up less stitches and also in ribbing I think it's a bit too bulky...

So I started another project yesterday evening. A blue-green(and again the camera refuses to give the right color!) cardigan based on the set-in-sleeve sweater from "the knitters handy book of sweater patterns". It's the third time I try to knit something from this book. The first two didn't work out cause my gauge totally changed while I knit. Also the smallest size in the book has a 36"(approx. 92cm) bust circumference and sadly mine is smaller :-( One of the downfalls of loosing so much weight!

And here's a little teaser pic of my prototype for the Wundert├╝te competition. The real deal is almost finished too and if anybody is interested at all I might later write a little tutorial on how to make this very usefull and versatile household item out of left-overs. The deadline is at the end of december, so I've got a bit of time left. Oh and you can win a Namaste bag!!!

And while searching for a box to send some goodies to someone, I found yarn! You might remember that on several occasions like flash-your-stash and cleaning up my room I commented that I have the feeling that some yarns are missing. Well, I refound some of it in the storeroom under a pile of shoes. I had sorted that yarn out a while ago as swap yarn and then completly forgot about it... still I have the feeling that some is still missing...



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