Saturday, November 11, 2006

Quick post, more yarn

I received the Yarn Forward magazin and it's fabulous! Though I wouldn't knit everything out of it, there's surely more than one nice project in it. I especially liked the articles!
I think I will subscribe to it though that has to wait untill next month(still haven't been to the bank to take a look at my account...chicken-me).
I also got two skeins of sock yarn, one with cashmere, one lambs wool. I love both!

And here's the yarn I dyed. I really have to search for another kind of sock yarn to dye. This one doesn't take the color too well as you can see in comparison to the skein on the far left which was dyed with exactly the same colors!
Well, atleast it was cheap :-)
But the Reggae yarn looks more autumnal than real red-yellow-green... It's just that I don't really want to buy regular undyed/white sock yarn for the same price I pay for colored yarn. Yes, I'm cheap.

P.S.: I'm pretty busy at the moment and unfortunately don't have the time for a real blog post including current projects(sweater, two sock pairs), funny colored toes(mum's+blue->yuck!), daily alarm-clock etc. More about these probably next weekend.

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