Friday, November 10, 2006

Relapse(extremely picture heavy!)

Remember just a few days ago I said my yarn addiction has been past me? That was before Hipknits had a sale and I finally was fast enough to buy some here(she also has a blog). The "Handgefärbt" yarn sells out faster than you can see! She's been updating her shop on wednesdays evenings for some weeks now, but I've always been too late and everything was already gone.
Waiting for both now.
I think I forgot to show what I brought at the sale of the Hamburger Wollfabrik. These here and 200g sockyarn that I dyed this morning:

And I never showed a pic of the sock yarn I brought from Wollsucht and a local store:

I also brought this at Butlers:

It's a simple pink grocery bag, an applique and a ribbon. All to be destinated to become one gorgeous bag!
I found this box there too, couldn't pass it:

It now is the home of my first quilt/patchwork pieces. All I need is a bit more black fabric.

and this at the japanese bookstore(30% off for woman on thursdays!)+the subway kiosk(sometimes it's good to miss a train):

and this too complete the sweater; it will be added on the top and bottom:

and yarn to knit myself this scarf; the color is more like dark wine and it's alpaca!:

I also finally found affordable boots that I liked and could wear longer than 30minutes(I'll never understand women who prefer to torture themselve with these ugly, foot-breaking things).

They are brown and not too cowgirly and not pointy either! They also suit my new tights, atleast I think so, my mum doesn't.

Last, but certainly not least, the wonderfull postcards I brought from Splink!. OMG, they are sooooo beautifull and glossy! You can't see it in the pics, but they are kind of coated and really good quality! She also sells her creative, funny dolls. If I had the money, atleast one of them would find a new home at my place! Oh come on, check out the link and see for yourself!

Though I haven't bought everything this week, I've been quite on a shopping hunt lately. I've lost track of my account and how much money I still have. I don't think there's enough left for BESTÅ, though my parents agreed to pay half(actually my dad's first offer was 20% to which I replied: "Ok, 20% of 200€ is 100€, right?" ;-)).

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Blogger Sharon G. said...

I LOVE those boots! How very chic and cute. Perfect for stomping around town.

The yarns are making me drool. The box is fabulous. I've yet to flip through any japanese crafty mags, but I keep seeing them on-line. I may have to go on a hunt for some.

4:28 PM, November 13, 2006  

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