Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Tuesday approx. 4pm:
brother(looking out of living room window):"Has it rained mum?".
mum(looking out of kitchen skylight window):"Hmm, no.".
brother:"Than why is the street wet?".

Yupp, this was definately a Déjà-vu moment. Remember this? At 10pm after the workers were finished it looked the same as last time. The only difference is that they didn't continue to work yesterday and today it's heavily raining. I doubt they will finish it any time soon as it's getting colder and will rain more.

Knit-wise I casted on for a wine-colored scarf to match my new coat, which I got to wear for the last week. It really is getting colder! Unfortunately my mum was right, the coat looks gorgeous, but is not warm enough for below zero degree. No, I'm so not going to admit it to her, though I can do so here. And I can't really were bulky sweaters beneath it, it's a tad bit too small for that...
Hey, atleast I look great in it, who cares if I'll be freezing? As long as I don't run around like some girls do in too-low-jeans with too-short-summer-jackets exposing skin at 5°C, everything will be fine.

Sorry, no photos at the moment, my brother has the camera. He's doing an internship at the moment at a company that produces weldingsystems and automating technic. I wonder if kids in other countries do this too? Going to a company for two weeks to have a look into a job or two in order to see if they like it during school time.
My brother has no realistic idea what he wants to do. The only reason he's at that company is that one of my mum's friends works there and he was too lazy to search for something else...
...have I mentioned that he will graduate next year? He will have his "Realschulabschluß" and could if his marks are good enough(I doubt it...) continue to got to school(Abitur/high school diploma). Or he could start an apprenticeship.
His "plan" so far only includes going to the army for his military duty(there's compulsory military service in Germany for nine months). Ah well, he's old enough and can chose for himself...
I wonder why we are so different from each other in this area. When I was in 4th grade I decided I wanted to go to a Gymnasium to make my diploma and study afterwards(my mum wanted me to go to a comprehensive school). I always knew that good marks were essential.

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