Sunday, November 26, 2006

Time flies...

and so does my wheel! Yes, I finally have been spinning again after months of abandoning it due to very hot weather and ... well, I just never found the time for it.
This time I put the curly and somehow oily-sticky roving(my guess is that it just has much natural oil or what ever that's called in it) away and spun the fancy pencil roving I got. It's wonderfull! I should have done that months ago! It's much more easier to spin and my yarn is incredible even and thinner.
In addition to spinning I've been knitting the first christmas gift and it's almost complete too! When I saw Drive-Thru sweater I just knew it was it and after a little test swatch with the abandoned pink yarn I brought the pattern on friday. I just began knitting the yoke, but now I need to find contrasting yarn in a similare gauge that is not 100% wool. It will be for my cousin and I might knit a second one for her sister. These are really quick knits which involve minimal thinking. Just the right knit while you're watching the whole first season of Gilmore Girls! My mum brought the first season yesterday morning and I'm at episode 16, that's a lot of tv watching if you think about it!
The important question is do I watch episode 16 now or should I take a bath?

Pictures will follow, tomorrow or the day after, promise!

P.S.: Sorry, too much caffeine today for me, it's the gilmore factor ;-)

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