Saturday, April 07, 2007


Ever since I made my first yoyo brooch I've been eyeing my fabrics and matching them. I actually sewed a couple of yoyos, but had to wait for my button lots from Ebay to arrive untill I could finish the brooches. Here are some in various stages:

The two on the left are finished, with a stabilized fabric circle at the back and a pin. On my first brooch I had attached the pin right unto the fabric yoyo and found out it's a bit too loose and makes pinning it to something difficult. That's why I added a small circle to the back of those two with fusible interfacing to stabilze it. Works much better!
I love making these and I hate sewing by hand normally! I have to admit though that I stopped making more despite the great fabric combinations still waiting to be made into yoyo brooches because what should I do with a dozen fabric brooches? Even I don't need that many!

I finished a couple of knitting projects, some were for swaps and have been received already so I will post pics of them tomorrow. Which left me with 0/ zero/ null knitting projects at the moment! Can you hear the despair? I'm truely addicted to knitting and having no project at all is...well, what did I ever do while watching tv before? I mean are there really people who just watch tv and do nothing else at the same time? It's sooooooooo boring!
I could have cast on another pair of socks, but I want my next socks to be patterned socks, no more excuses about finding the right sock pattern etc. Instead I unraveled my Miro top that was way to big and will use the yarn for my next project. I was thinking about a sweater or cardigan. Maybe SCOOP du JOUR?

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