Sunday, July 15, 2007

Stress sucks! EDIT: week finally over

Too much to do in too little time at the moment, especially bureaucratic stuff and running from one place to the other to get papers and signatures and drop off forms and trying to get hold of someone via the phone to ask questions concerning even more stupid forms...argh, hate it!

One good thing happened though, I was fast enough to snatch a place for a one-week course on a special programming thingy(won't bore you with any details, but I'm spending lecture-free time on campus, so that sais something!).

EDIT(Continued):Not much got finished this week, actually I think I didn't finished anything this week[EDIT again: actually I finished a pair of socks on Tuesday]! It has just been crazy and I had to spend the whole Friday on campus plus half of saturday!!! I'm still not convinced at all that this way of teaching helped in anyway and actually think it was a bit counterproductive...anyway, it's over and I will get credits for that course.

I was in a fabulous swap on craftster and got an even more fabulous package from tasi292 and finally I can blog about what I send her. Well, the swap was called "Fill a purse" there was just no way I could have resisted participating.
Here's the great purse and things I got:
(Not the best picture, check out the one my partner made before sending here)

I was totally stunned when I opened it and my mum was the most envious ever she has been for me getting a package! The purse is not only lovely and just right for me, it's also made perfectly! I'm in awe at my partners sewing skills.

So, what did I make her? My partner doesn't knit nor does she crochet and she had a cute crochet+felted bag on her wrists, so I knit+felted a purse for her. This time I even managed to make before and after pictures:

And after:

Again, my partners pictures are much better, have a look here .
I made up the pattern myself and if I ever find my notes again, I will post it.

And I finished the pair of socks out of the Regia Galaxy. I really like the way they patterned, unfortunately I don't like the other colors of this yarn or I would buy more ;-)*

And I finished sewing two pillow cases last sunday. I got the fabric squares pre-cut in a swap and I loved not having to cut them myself :-)

*Yarn diet? Haven't you heard, sock yarn doesn't count *grin*


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