Saturday, October 29, 2005

I did it!

No, I'm not talking about finishing Samus(which would be just almost true). I'm talking about the first week back on campus. And I went to every lecture! What, that's normal? Well, not for me. I probably attended approx. 15 lectures in total last semester. I made it through the tests nontheless, but there's much to learn this semester and I can't do it like I did last semester(aka 3-week-power-learning).

Apart from that I attched the I-cord to samus!
Bad thing though? I don't like it!!!
I mean I don't have to wear it and my mum hasn't really told me her opinion(she's ill at the moment and took that for an excuse *eye-rolling*). The sleeves are a bit too wide at the top and it looks kind of 80-ish, you know.

And here's my Shetland tea shawl. I'm not going to finish it in the next few weeks due to the fact that I'm atleast one ball short. Yes, that sucks since all that's missing is 4-5 rows knit and the edging. Well, we'll see how much money is left over next month for that ball.

Which leaves time for new projects! This is a pillow case out of the Colinette "Fandango". It's a really quick knit if you don't count the first 4 tries(I'm just not able to cast on loosely enough).
Still need to sew it, but that will have to wait untill tonight cause I've got to do homework...blech...


Blogger RheLynn said...

The Samus looks wonderful, on the table ;o) But that is often a different story than 'on'.

I am still contantly amazed by cables (such as those), having not mastered them yet.

4:51 PM, November 04, 2005  

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