Saturday, November 05, 2005

SP and knitting

First, here's the pic of the goodies my SP send me. Please notice, that the pink yarn perfectly matches the pink hearts on my pillow! The yarn is definitely going to become a bag as SP suggested(Have you used a pattern for your bags?). The tea smells lovely and today I brought a tea ball(in German it's tea egg lol). Can you belief this household didn't had one? I wonder how my mum made the christmas tea last year...
The stitchmarkers are wonderfull too! Actually I recently had a shortage of markers, every marker I own was in use! I was to make myself some this weekend, but these are much better!
And I'm currently wearing the toe socks, so cute! Yes, it gets colder every day here(eventhough sun is shining at the moment), especially in the morning. Plus I'm just not used to go out of house sooo early in the morning(yes mum, 7:45 is early!).

And these are the knittely notecards I got from Cheryl for participting in her contest! How nice is she!

Now, to knitting: This is my Klaralund. I already finished front, back and one sleeve. I made some changes cause I have a completely different gauge(12 sts per 10cm vs 16sts). Plus I decreased 10 sts at the sleeve and I knit them from the top down.

This is the Kidsilk Haze Kiri. I haven't knit on it since last weekend. I really, really love this color. But since I also want to knit a clapotis(darn, still haven't weighted the yarn...)this wil be on hold for some time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad that it has arrived so quickly again. Great news.

I love the fact that you call call it a 'tea egg' that is way cool.

I have a pattern that I used personally for my bags, I am very happy to send it to you if you like. I can PM it to you through Knitty, just let me know through your blog if this is what you would like me to do. Although the 'pattern' is very rough and ready and I can't promise that it makes sense, however I do promise to give you whatever advice you need! LOL Your KnittySP5 xxx

2:14 AM, November 06, 2005  
Blogger Jamie Burks said...

This is very lovely.
How do you knit lace? Can you share with me a pattern for a lace poncho?

8:45 PM, March 07, 2006  

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